Narrow frame alumimum door

With the acceleration of the pace of life, the increase of life pressure, more and more young people prefer a simple and comfortable home environment. The minimalist glass door becomes the most popular partition glass door among young people.  

Part of the visible profile size of 2cm, the maximum height of 9m narrow frame aluminum panoramic door subverting the traditional concept, use the latest the frame bearing type and rolling transmission technology so that the door and window products to achieve a perfect combination of beauty and application.  

The roducts follow the international popular simple design style, the environment and architecture into one, not only let the home become a scenery, but also let the scenery unlimited to the home.  

After years of research, we have developed a full series of narrow frame panoramic doors and windows, such as narrow frame horizontal sliding door, narrow frame pull down door, narrow frame super standard flat door, invisible railing, narrow frame flat open inside inverted window, which can realize the combination of manual, electric and intelligent control.  

We give you the most transparent effect and the narrowest border.  Hook part of the visible profile size is 2cm and it’s all hidden in the decorative surface.  

The product has a super size.  The maximum opening height can reach 9m and the maximum opening size of a single fan can reach 24㎡.

Corner opening without column.

Track hiding.

Turn on hiding.

Any combination of tracks, full open, full storage.

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