Service & Support

Who we are?

  • We have been working in doors and windows industry for more than 15 years

  • We introduce advanced technology and develop it

  • Leading of quality doors and windows in China

  • Solution of technical problems of doors and Windows

Service & Support

  • Quality——We provide  PA66GF25 insulating bars in accordance with international standards.
  • Design——In the development process of customer door and window system, we can be a solution for the optimization of heat insulation strip and heat insulation performance.
  • Rich varieties——We can develop different performance of the heat insulation products to cooperate with aluminum window system, aluminum wood window system, aluminum plastic window system.
  • Solution——We can provide thermal performance analysis of the molded products and thermal optimization solutions.  
  • Test——Perfect and mature testing system, product traceability.  
  • Logo——According to customer needs, printing customer customized Logo.  
  • Partner——Cooperate with customers to develop new products and make samples.  
  • We can make specific plans for each project. We provide products with extremely narrow viewing surface under the condition of conforming to the product performance strength.
  • We provide installation solutions according to customers’ on-site installation conditions or remote installation instruction is available.
  • We provide electric and supporting solutions (such as face recognition, fingerprint lock, password lock, etc.).  
  • We develop specific narrow edge products to meet the special needs of designers.  (eg curved circle, curved door, etc.)  
  • We can provide structural calculations for the project.  
  • We provide full guidance and support for super high and super large plate projects.   (including glass selection, installation conditions matching, auxiliary materials procurement, etc.) 
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